Here We Go Again.. and again

I originally restart this in Blogspot, but after some reading, I removed that one and restarted it here.

So I had a blog and it had been up for a long time.  I sort of lost direction and it lost purpose.  At one point I registered my own domain name and I moved the blog over there.  It was beautiful, but it got no real traffic.  I also re-purposed the domain and deleted the blog.  Idiot me, I forgot to download the latest posts, so I lost 6 months worth of stuff.

Ah well, it was time to start over again.  I have new direction in my life and I have a new purpose.  There have been some major changes since I am no loner with a job I had for almost 20 years.  There is an internal argument going on in my head whether or not it was the perfect time to go and whether or not I had overstayed my welcome even though things had been going well until almost the very end.  One thing is for sure, the level of stress I felt is a lot less.  If it makes any sense, there is an uptick in my anxiety, but I feel that those are two distinctly different things.  I know what was causing my stress and I currently know what is causing my anxiety, but even with that, if it makes any sense at all, I feel little stress.  Despite the anxiety, I am happier now then I was.

I don’t have a plan for this new blog.  Just whatever comes to mind.  Things I enjoy, family moments, opinions, random thoughts and the occasional repost of something.

I am reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The first is Be Proactive.  I like to think I was always the proactive sort, but the truth is I spent most of my life letting things happen to me.  It is time I made some things happen.  I have no idea how to do that, but life doesn’t come with an owners manual now, does it?


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