If you can’t do your job, step aside.

The case of Kim Davis is not about religion except to the extent that she claims it is.  She was mandated to do a job which she refuses to do on moral grounds.  I can respect that she does not want to go against her ethics, though I won’t go into her 4 marriages or her adultery.  I am morally against capital punishment.   Guess what job I am not going to apply for?  If I had the job in the penal system that later included executing people,  I would request a transfer or quit.  That is the honorable thing to do.  Mike Huckabee says that putting Kim Davis in jail is akin to criminalizing Christianity.  Would he say the same thing if Kim Davis instead of denying marriage licenses started to deny divorces?  Would he say the same thing if she decided she wanted to stop giving out gun licenses due to moral objections?  Kim Davis defied an order.   That is why she is in jail.  There is also no comparison to Germans following orders to kill prisoners.  No one is dying here.  This had nothing to do with Christianity because if it did, Kim Davis would be against divorce and guns also.  It is about hate hiding behind religion.  Mike Huckabee should be ashamed of himself for using the religion he professes to love to stir up more hate in people.


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