Kim Davis and the Nazi/Jew Comparison

I have to admit that I stopped following this case.  It is getting ridiculous.  I saw something about an open letter to Kim Davis’ lawyer about someone who compared Kim Davis to a Jew in Nazi Germany.  I share the feeling of the open letter in that I am highly offended by the comparison.

I will not go through the treatment of the Jewish people in Nazi Germany because everyone knows about it from the oppressive laws to the hate, and systematic torture and murder that was brought on the Jews as well as others, including the gays.

Kim Davis cannot be compared to the Jews of Nazi Germany even for a second.  While there is plenty of internet backlash, there was no government sponsored systematic crack down on her, and her people and her religion.  She had the benefit of due process and was brought to court because she refused to follow the law.

The comparison that the Nazis were also just following orders does not hold water since those orders were to kill people.  This order was to issue a marriage license. Hardly apples to apples.

This also has nothing to do with her religion.  As I had written before, the only reason religion was brought up was because she brought it up.  She is perfectly within her right to practice and follow her religion as she sees fit.  The government has never tried to shut down her church or stop her from attending her church.  Nothing about her church or her practice has been refused.

She was unable to separate her values (ha.  Values.) from her job.  She unilaterally decided that she was not going to follow the law because it was against her religion.  She should have stood down from the job.  As an official of the government she is sworn to uphold the law.  She has failed to do so.  She could have her opinion about the law and about the Supreme Court ruling, but it is the law of the land.

I personally think that the Citizens United case was a travesty brought upon the American people, it is still the law of the land.  This is how our country works.  The Dred Scot ruling was the law of the land.  Even that ruling at the time is de facto “constitutional” since the Supreme Court said it was.  The Separate But Equal ruling was “constitutional” until it was overturned.  That is how it works.  So when people say that this court ruling is unconstitutional, it just shows the ignorance of how the country works.  We may not like it, but there it is.

The thing is that the cases I mentioned were all blights on the country.  The ruling that allowed for same sex marriage was a step in the right direction for equality.  Not for legalized inequality.  The thing is that this isn’t about same sex marriage.  It is about hate.  (Edit:  I want to change this.. it isn’t about hate.  It is about fear.  Fear of something different that they do not understand)  If it was about marriage, then you would be okay with domestic partnership.  But no, they are not.  If this was about religious principle, then, and was said so many times, then where is the outrage about divorce and adultery?  There isn’t any because the rates of divorce and adultery are staggering!  Right, Kim?

So Kim is not the Jew in this scenario because of the simple fact that she was allowed due process and wasn’t dragged out into the street by gunpoint and shot in the head or dragged off and beaten then tortured and sent to the showers.   If she was not the Jew, then she has to be the Nazi, right?  Well, she was the government official unilaterally denying legal services to people based on their sexual orientation.

NO!  Kim Davis is not a Nazi, either.  She did not advocate killing people!  She didn’t kill, arrest, torture of otherwise inflict physical harm on people (emotional distress notwithstating.. Nazis provided a little more than emotional distress).  Does Kim Davis hate anyone?  I don’t know if she does or not.  Is she prejudiced?  Yeah, I think that is perfectly clear.  Is she causing pain and suffering?  Again, emotional distress, which is bad enough, but it isn’t worthy of the name Nazi.

Frankly, I think the bar is pretty damned high for anyone to be able to claim the role of Jew in Nazi Germany and the bar is set equally high to be called a Nazi.  I seriously wish that these comparisons would be dropped from the common vernacular.  it is an insult to the 12 million people that died to compare Kim Davis to a Jew and it is equally insulting to Kim Davis to call her a Nazi.

So don’t do it.

A post script…  There are plenty of causes out there worthy of actually dying for.  If you were out there actually protecting people like the Jews of Nazi Germany, then yeah, it is definitely a cause worthy enough to die for, and plenty did and continue to do so for actual atrocities.

To say that you will fight to the death to ensure that same sex couples cannot be married, well, then you are just being a hateful, prejudiced ass.  My question to you is “what are you so afraid of?” The answer better not be based on religion because acceptance of divorce and adultery show that you have to qualms about ignoring religious principles when it comes to yourself, or opposite sex couples.  I also wonder how many of these self righteous people are also pro-death penalty?  What are you really afraid of?  People need to really do some deep soul searching.  If they continue to come up with religion as an answer, then they have to live with the fact that their hypocrisy is getting the better part of them and they may want to go and seek further forgiveness.

I wouldn’t have cared enough to write something this long, but the comparison to Jews and the subsequent comparisons to Nazis just set me off.  I might not be the most Jewish Jew on the block, and I might not even be the most Jewish person in my marriage (and I am married to a Catholic) but I am still Jewish and if you are going to compare people to Nazis, you better have a good case, and frankly if you are comparing yourself to a Jew in Nazi Germany, you better have a good story to back it up.  Being jailed after due process and several warnings doesn’t even come close.


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