It Isn’t Only About the President

Every year it seems that the hate and anger spewed by people on both sides of the aisle gets worse and worse.  As it does, we move further and further from being able to actually reconcile and get anything done.  We are so focused on the President.  So many people give the President way too much credit.  The President is nothing without the Congress.  The men that created the Constitution were members of the Congress.  It is why the Legislature is Article I and the Executive is Article II.  That wasn’t an accident.

It is also why the checks and balances aren’t completely circular.  The Congress has less checks on it than the President does.

It is also why the President has term limits and the Congress does not.

People are so upset about dysfunction in government yet they blame the weaker office of the President instead of the beast that is the Congress.  While we decide who the next President will  be the vast majority of the Congress will go right back to Washington.  I am of course concerned about who the next President will be, but I am even more concerned about the career politicians that spend an entire lifetime in Congress doing nothing but igniting the flames of hate and fear under the American people so we could fight over ridiculous non-issues.


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