Almost Election Time.. GET OUT THERE!

Growing up I was a huge fan of the political process.  I really enjoyed learning about the government and I was fascinated with how it worked.  As an adult, I have joined the growing number of people who have become so disillusioned with how things are going, I have all but completely lost interest.  I say all but completely because there is a part of me that realizes just how important it is to be involved.

I think the single biggest problem today is the fact that we have become so polarized as a people.  We have taken the bait of the parties and cable news and we consider people of the opposite party the enemy.  I have heard politicians use this word in talking about the opposing party.  Enemy is such a strong word that was used for places like the Soviet Union during the cold war.  The axis powers were the enemy.  North Korea, North Vietnam, the communists were the enemies.  Once we started referring to other Americans as the enemy, we have reignited the Civil War, albeit a cold one.

Today on social media it just takes the mention of Barack Obama to start a vitriolic hateful diatribe with more hateful people responding before it devolves into an angry, hateful name calling war where no one is listening, and no one is really saying anything.

The election process is a joke.  There are no more debates.  The so-called debates have been replaced with a reality television shows where everyone rushes to get in their 3 lines of canned, rehearsed script and a swipe at another candidate or Hillary Clinton or the President.  The louder the swipe and the more hateful the swipe is at the President, the louder the applause, until the person who yells the loudest is declared the winner.  I never understood how there could be a winner of this sort of debate.  Why are we declaring winners and losers?  Do we have to take the college football culture and apply it to government?

I am fascinated by Bernie Sanders.  He is talking about issues.  He is not bashing the people around him.  He is not building himself up by tearing others down.  He has consistently refused to get down into the mud.  He is going to places that are deeply ensconced with the opposition party, and he is emerging successfully.  His message is one that is positive.  He seems to really care about those that big money, post-Citizens United ruling government have forgotten, those in the lower and middle classes.  Everyone is getting up there talking about how everyone else is your problem.  Everyone wants to tell you who to hate and who to blame.  How about we have people who get up there and tell you that they are going to fight for you.  It isn’t about hating people, it is about respecting people.  It is about realizing that you judge a person by how he treats those that cannot do a thing for him.  It is about looking forward with an attitude that is positive, not looking back with hate to see whose fault it is that you have your lot in life.  We don’t need to support he millionaires and billionaires and take care of them with special incentives and tax breaks, we have to take care of those that have nothing.  We have to make sure that those that have nothing, can find a silver lining.  If we make the bottom of the pyramid strong, it will support everything at the top, if we put every thing at the top, it may look great, but it whole structure will collapse.  We are on the verge of collapse.  We cannot continue with the greed and the hate.  We cannot consider other Americans the enemy.  We have to stop worrying about who is getting married to whom and we have to stop worrying about petty crap that will not do anything to change the direction of this nation.  We need leadership and direction.  We need to all stand up and let those in office know that we will not accept the status quo of corruption and hate and greed.  We need to bind together and send the message that we want to be a nation of people who care and not a nation of haters who only want to blame.

Voter turnout is abysmal in this country.  Even in years with a President on the ballot.  We need to get everyone out there to let them know that our votes count for something and you can’t buy me the way you were bought by your billionaire benefactors.  The constitution was  written so everyone had a voice, not just those with money.  Everyone has 1 vote.  If every one used their 1 vote, and I mean everyone, we could really make some waves.


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