It’s Not War

Doritos made rainbow colored chips to support a charity that is trying to prevent suicide in the LGBT community, a group where the suicide rate is really high.   The level of open hate and hostility toward people and companies that choose to support equality for all is really very disturbing.  People actually posting that people are being too tolerant.  Too tolerant.  Because intolerance is what we need, right?

My problem with all of this is that the people who are against equality are saying they are against this in the name of Christianity and God, then when people are not getting on board with their intolerance in the name of religion, they claim that it is a war on Christianity.  There are fewer things today that get me as worked up as people who claim that there is a war on Christianity.  The war is not on Christianity or with Christians.  I don’t like calling it a war either, because people die in war.  People aren’t dying here, people are getting their knickers in a twist and that is hardly the same thing.  The thing that people like me are against is the intolerance.  I am personally insulted that people would invoke God and religion to justify their own bigotry.  The truth is that most Christians I know are good, loving people who would do anything for anyone who needed it.  These are people of all political leanings.  One of the men I admire most in this world is a Catholic Monsignor who was one of 2 religious men who officiated at my wedding, the other being a Rabbi.

I am fan of the teaching of love and respect that is a part of the teaching or Christianity.  When you cherry pick certain passages to justify your stance that other Americans should not have the same rights that you have, you are no longer a Christian.  When your default stance is to deny people love and respect, you lose the right to call yourself a religious person.  When you go out of your way to actively seek ways to stop others from enjoying the rights you enjoy, you are no longer acting like someone who is following a loving God.  If you get online and post anger and hate toward your fellow man and American, then claim to be so devout, you show yourself to be hypocrite.  The war and the anger is not with Christianity.  The anger is at the hate and fear that people show in the name of religion.  I wish we could take religion back and not sully with fear and bigotry.


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