I have been very vocal in my opposition to the current interpretation of the 2nd amendment and I, like the vast majority of Americans feel that there should be more regulations and the ownership of weapons with military grade weaponry being illegal to own for any reason.

I joined a page on Facebook that was posting messages similar to my opinion.  At one point, someone commented that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed.  I politely disagreed by saying that the 2nd doesn’t necessarily have to be repealed, but rather it has to be reinterpreted closer to the original purpose, and not the relatively recent interpretation that the 2nd is pretty much a weapon ownership free-for-all.   So we agreed in principle, but not on the finer points.

That little disagreement was enough to get me banned from the site.  I wasn’t rude, or condescending, I just disagreed.  As a matter of fact, the one person who responded to me seemed very upset and what she had posted seemed like a non-sequitur to what I had posted and I even mentioned that it seems that there might have been a post that was deleted since the response didn’t really relate to my post.

I get that people don’t want their pages to turn ugly, but in this case, I didn’t so anything rude, but I was the one banned.  People, it seems, from both sides just was an echo chamber and yes-men around them.. how dare anyone disagree, even on the fine points.  So ridiculous.


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