Things you will and wont find in the Dem Debate…

Via InTheNews…

Things you won’t find at tonight’s Democratic debate:
  • Candidates griping about “political correctness”
  • Candidates demonizing any one ethnic or racial demographic
  • Candidates wanting to take away health care access for women
  • Candidates who want to exclude people from being allowed to marry the ones they love
  • Candidates who want to shove their religious beliefs down your throat
  • Candidates who want to stick their penises into gun barrels because the NRA tells them to
Things you will likely hear about in the Democratic debate:
  • Climate change
  • Income inequality / wage equity
  • Standing up for the middle class
  • Gun control
  • Addressing racism
  • Student debt reform
  • Prison reform
  • Education reform
  • Railing against Citizens United
  • Gender equality
  • Health care reform
  • Paid family leave
  • Immigration reform
  • “Taking back our government from a handful of billionaires.”

Huckabee and Trump just continue their hateful and racist rants on Twitter.. and I am ashamed of Americans for even considering them to be people worthy of following.


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