We have men and women around the world in uniform in harms way. We have people at home on the streets not knowing if or when they will get their next meal. There are kids who are hungry without proper food, clothes or medication. We have mass shootings all over the country and dangerous addictive drugs in the streets with evil people looking for money who would happily push the shit on any kid they could find.
By all means, lets all get worked up over a coffee cup and lets celebrate a victory over the shopping mall for changing the Santa display.
Our priorities are beyond out of whack. We love to be insulted and we love a scandal. Why aren’t we outraged about the people living in poverty or the women in shelters to get away from being beaten again and again. Let’s tell stories about how a military exercise is an excuse to impose martial law and how the President will impose martial law so he wont leave office and cancel election day. Lets tell those idiotic stories about BENGHAZI! and email so people don’t realize that as people in the middle and lower classes no one gives a shit about them. Jobs are being moved to third world countries, income is stagnant costs for vital services like insurance are astronomical.
Starbucks makes their seasonal cups red and people lose their shit.

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