What is the purpose of hate?

For a lot of issues, I would be considered to be extremely liberal.  I was on the side of legalized same sex marriage and rights, I think global warming is an extreme threat to our existence, while I personally do not think I would ever be able to make the decision with my wife to abort a pregnancy, I do not think it is appropriate for government to make that decision for everyone and while I do not think the government could handle a single payer system of healthcare, I think it is better than what we have today in a lot of ways.

I am also extremely disappointed with the President and lot of what he has done over the last several years.  That is not to say I think that everything he did was wrong and I have a whole rant about the role of Congress in the perception of how bad President Obama has been.   The truth is that President Obama is a machine politician. As may machine that mindlessly plod through its existence without care or emotion of the task it is performing, so goes the average politician.  Obama, both Clintons, all of the Bushs, Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, etc etc.  They are all machine politicians and they do not want to change how things are.  The goal of politics is the next election.  That is it.  It is no more complicated than that.  I do not like most of the people I listed.  It is nothing personal.  Actually from a personal level, through interviews I would have to say I would probably like a lot of these people.   Obama sat for a long form interview with Marc Maron and he came across as extremely likable.   It doesn’t change the fact that he loaded up the FDA and USDA with Monsanto executives and they have been eroding the quality of the food in the US by weakening the organic label for example.

I would agree with the assessment that Bill Clinton is probably the smartest person in the room regardless of the room or whoever else is in the room.  His string of affairs shows his true nature and his signing of DOMA and the repeal of Glass Steagall were not good moves.

The point of this rant is this.  Ben Stein made a comment that it is obvious that Obama hates the United States.  To me, this just proves that Ben Stein is irrelevant.  If you do not agree with someone then be an adult about it and talk about it in terms that is respectful.  That is what is missing in this country and in the world.  We have forgotten how to be respectful of people.   Just because you don’t like Obama’s position on the Syrian refugees doesn’t mean he hates America.  The point could be made, and would probably be just as wrong and would definitely be just as disrespectful that Ben Stein hated America.  I do not understand why politics has to be about hate and what the other guy did wrong.  The Republican Congress hates Obama.  They say that they disagree with everything he has done about the war on Afghanistan.  They get on the new and talk shows and very loudly complain about every move he makes.  They question then is, what have they done about it?  Have they made recommendations?  Have they sat with the President to try to work things out?  No, they get on their high horses and they yell and scream.  I don’t mean to pick on the GOP since the democrats do the same thing.  If there is one thing that both parties are extremely good at, it is playing the victim.  They love to get on the air and say how they have been victimized and lied to and the other guys is terrible and he hates you and our way of life.

The next time you hear someone play the victim card or complain about someone else, ask yourself two questions:  1 – What has this person done to REALLY try to resolve the issue him or herself? 2 – Why is this person so angry?

Anger plays well to most people and since the end game is nothing more than the next election, anger gets people going and out to the polls.

I am not a fan of Ben Stein and his remarks of late have cause me to think he is past his prime and should go away.  No Obama doesn’t hate America.  Ben my think and I may think the President hasn’t done a great job, but we can say so respectfully and maybe if we showed some respect for people, some of this hate could go away.


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