A lot of Anger

I have had a lot of friends talk about how Facebook has become very angry and depressing of late.  It makes sense considering the ridiculousness that is the Presidential election and the state of politics today.  There is no more compromise.  The other guy is the enemy and everything the other side says is not only wrong it is ludicrous.  There is a lot of hate and anger towards all sorts of people and people feel free to post all of that hate behind the anonymity of the internet.  Politicians and corporate media fan the flames of hate as well.  When you have incidents like the recent attacks in Paris, then that hate get turned up to 11 with people and politicians talking about shutting down Mosques and having citizens register to they could be tracked.  It has gotten to the point when going to social media to talk to friends, all you see is bad news and in so many cases you see the worst of people.  A lot of people have been saying it is time to take a break from Facebook.  I would have to say that I agree.


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