Good day for some Geocaching

This has not been my best year of caching.  My work situation has changed pretty drastically this year and I haven’t had the time that I had previously to go out during lunch.  Since I am no longer in NYC, it takes quite a few new caches out of play for me as well.  A time that I usually take to get out there is usually on Sunday morning.  Lately, I have been taking that time to go to the gym since I had been neglecting that important activity, which I do enjoy.  This morning I only had about an hour and a half so I decided to grab a couple of easy caches this morning.  Made my first usual stop before caching: Dunkin Donuts for a coffee.  Asked for a medium.. got an Extra Large.  Not complaining.  I was only able to grab two caches.  One was a simple park and grab the other was a short walk on the Bethpage Bike Path to an easy but well hidden cache.  After almost a a half a year of not doing any major caching, it was good to get to there and put my name on a couple of log sheet.  I am only a few away from 1,600 at this point, so I will probably grab a few more to get to the milestone already.  It really is good to have something like this to be able to get out into the real world.  I do miss caching and I hope to be able to work it back in to my schedule soon.


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