M*A*S*H Best Episodes Rules

So I went through seasons 1 and 2 of M*A*S*H and listed my top 5 episodes of each season.  I will get to all 11 episodes, but I am going to set up some rules.

I am separating the seasons in to groups:

Group 1 – Seasons 1, 2 and 3 – This is obvious.  These are the Blake and Trapper years.  They both leave after season 3 and the show changes drastically after that.

Group 2 – Seasons 4 and 5 – These are the BJ and Frank years.  Frank leaves after year 5, once again changing the show.

Group 3 – Season 6 and 7 – These are the years with Charles before Radar left the show.  The show didn’t change drastically with the exit of Radar, but it did change.  The biggest change, besides Radar leaving is Klinger finally stopped wearing dresses when he became the company clerk

Group 4 – Season 8, 9, 10 and 11. – These are the last 4 years with what would be the final cast.

For each group, after getting the top 5 for each season, I am going to go through those seasons one more time and I will allow myself to make substitutions within a Group.  Foe example.  Season 1 is pretty weak, but season 2 is pretty strong.  If an episode that didn’t make the cut for season 2, I feel is better than one of the top 5 of season 1, I will make the change.  I will allow 1 change change per season, so the least I can wind up with for a season will be 4 and the most I can have in a season is 6.

In the end I will have a list of my top 55 episodes.  I am then going to attempt to rank these episodes from 1 to 55.

I welcome comments.


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