Through the years there have been politicians I liked and didn’t like.  Regardless if I liked or didn’t like someone, there was usually at least one thing I was able to say I agreed with them with and I have never really felt personally attacked by a politician.  (Can’t say the same for pundits)  Then comes Ted Cruz.  I believe I can honestly say that I do not agree with a single thing this mans says.  He now also have the unique distinction of being the only politician that I can say has directly insulted me.  Me and all New Yorkers.  Frankly, I could extend that to be me and all Americans who aren’t has spiteful and hateful as he is.  I think Americans of all walks should reject him for insulting a part of the country that he is hoping to lead.  I fear for the country if he is elected.  I especially fear for New York and any other state that tends to vote blue.


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