If I were to start from scratch

If I were to ignore all current political thought of the day and start from scratch as to what I think a government should do in broad terms I think I would have a fairly short list.

1 – Ensure the defense of the country

2 – Ensure that everyone is treated equally

3 – Ensure that everyone had the basic bare necessities

Defending the nation is an absolute necessity.  We need to have a standing military and we need to properly fund the military so that it could do its job.

Making sure everyone is treated equally is something we have never gotten right, even though it is prominently stated in the Declaration of Independence.  We needed laws and amendments to give every single non-white, non-male group the rights of while males.  This seems pretty ridiculous to me that we are still dealing with this and we have a major political party that is actively fighting against giving equal rights to individuals.

It just makes sense to me that a country takes care of the citizens of the country.  No one should be living on the streets.  Babies should be fed and clothed and people should be able to earn a living wage.

I am a firm believer in the free market, but that we should be making the market work for us, not us working for the market.  The government focus on the corporation rather than the people to me is nothing short of treason.

I don’t know how these things would work, I am just saying that if I were able to set the agenda, these are the things that I would put at the top of the list.

Fighting over things like same sex marriage and guns distracts us from what is really important.  What makes sense to me, from a logical standpoint is that happy people are better for the economy than stressed out miserable people who do not know how they are going to get through the month.  If people are happy and earn a living, they go out and spend money.  They buy things and go places.  This is what spurs the economy.  I don’t think it takes an advanced economics degree from an ivy league school to know that in order to spur the economy, people need to have money to spend.  I am frustrated by both of the major parties.  Even the democrats, who are supposed to be the party of the common man has really forgotten that it means to support those that cannot support themselves.  I don’t claim to support any party or politician, I am just saying that these are the things that are important to me and what makes sense to me.


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