Cleaning house

Sent several bags of clothes to a local charity.  Threw out a lot of garbage.  Trying to make a dent in the piles and piles of paper.  It is this sort of progress that is starting to really help me see that things are getting done.  I have to get back to getting out there hitting some small business groups and following up with people.  I have hit a bad rut and I am trying to claw my way out of it but after today I feel good.  Going to wake up early, get back on the elliptical and I am going to write out my list for the day.  I have it in my calendar to do that every day, but I haven’t been doing it.  Things get done when I have a list.

Today was also a good day for other reasons.  Took Marvin to a doggie day care for an “interview” to see if he would get along with other dogs there.  He did great.  He is such a great dog.  At the end of the day when Christine and I are sitting and watching TV, Marvin comes by and sits on my lap.  A 72 pound lap dog.  It really is nice to see how content he is while he is sitting with me.

The best thing today though was William coming home with no X’s in school.  He tries so hard and he was so happy that he had a good day.  It makes me happy to see him get off the bus so proud of the day he had.


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