Lots of Stuff

Working for a big company, there were always projects to work on.  Working for yourself, or building something on your own, you also have a non-stop list of things to do and that you can do, but the difference is accountability.  Self-motivation can be a hard thing to maintain.  Personally, one of the roadblocks is having so many things to take care of.  The car is off-lease, taxes are due, after-school programs and activities, just maintaining the house and working on projects around the house.  So many things are pending that I am having a hard time prioritizing.  I have been focusing on things around the house since getting those things done will reduce the level of stress to be able to focus on other things.  That can be counter productive as well since I have to deal with things that will help me get my business off the ground.  It is taking me longer to do that then I was hoping, but I remain hopeful.  Things are going well enough to keep trying, but I have to take it more seriously.


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